Advantages of Qdent Semi flex Acrylic:

  1. Flexibility that can be adjusted according to thickness
  2. Does not require any specific equipment
  3. Simple processing-technique
  4. Perfect adherence of teeth to the base
  5. Allows for conventional relines, repairs, adding teeth, clasps, including tooth color clasps
  6. Superb finishing
  7. Requires none-to-minimal adjustments chair-side

white model with qdent partial


Qdent was developed by a group of dental technicians with one objective in mind, to improve the performance of the normal (non-metallic) resins. Qdent; semi-flex acrylic, allows for the manufacture of removable partial prosthesis.

The secret behind Qdent includes certain degree of flexibility when the material thickness is controlled under very specific recommendations. Qdent cannot stress enough the importance behind following manufacturer’s  recommendations. By meeting this simple steps, we can attest to the value brought to you by a group of experts, and guarantee the integrity of this revolutionary material allowing for a product that was previously impossible to achieve with a simple work system. A low temperature polymerization process allows for minimum contraction, resulting in perfect adaptation to the master model. Order your sample today!  

Qdent is distinguished by its level of flexibility, technical and clinical possibilities, as well as technical processing in the laboratory. Qdent removable prosthesis solutions.

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