PMMA Mono-color Block

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This material can be used to produce provisional crowns, cemented or screwed for long term duration. Excellent milling capacity, biocompatibility, and high color stability. Available on all 19 shades, including bleach, gum, and in the following dimensions. Call details.

Mechanical Properties
Modulus of Elasticity 1.900MPa
Bending Strength >90MPa
Impact Strength (Charpy: >8 KJ/m2 (Izod): >1.0 KJ/m2
Impact Wear Resistance 2,5 x PMMA (MW: 1.000.00 0)
Tensile Strength >70MPa
Vickers Hardness >110
Absorption of Water According to ISO 10477 <20 µg/mm3
Water Solubility < 0,8 µg/mm3
Residual Monomer (24h at 37 and 30 min in air) <0,7%


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