Aluminum Oxide 25 & 50 Microns


Item #00076 25 Microns, Brown 4Lbs. #00084 25 Microns, White 4Lbs.
#00077 50 Microns, Brown 4Lbs. #00085 50 Microns, White 4Lbs.
#00078 25 Microns, Brown 15Lbs. #00086 25 Microns, White 15Lbs.
#00079 50 Microns, Brown 15Lbs. #00087 50 Microns, White 15Lbs.
#00080 25 Microns, Brown 50Lbs. #00088 25 Microns, White 50Lbs.
#00081 50 Microns, Brown 50Lbs. #00089 50 Microns, White 50Lbs.

Aluminum oxide abrasives are used for the general purpose of cleaning metals and
carving porcelain.
Available in:
25 micron, brown or white. An extremely fine blasting material which is used
in pencil-type abrasive units to clean or prepare metal surfaces for porcelain.
Excellent for carving porcelain anatomy.
50 micron, brown or white. A medium grit of aluminum oxide which is used for
a faster cleaning procedure in a pencil-type cleaning unit which has a larger


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