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Thank you for visiting California Dental Product’s website. We designed a website that is simple for you to navigate, and to become accustomed with our products and services. We are a small & family operated dental company, in business since 1988. Over the years, California Dental Products (CDP) experienced many transformations, which allowed us to expand and distribute our products nationwide.

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We are a direct and retail vendor of dental consumables for the dental clinics and laboratories. We have years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of more than a dozen of dental products and their variations, including cleaners, adhesives, polishing compounds, ultrasonic solutions, and more. We are just one phone call away. Call our toll-free number, (800)423-3299 for assistance or inquiries about your order. We encourage you to contact us. It is throughout personalized and conservative treatment that we can guarantee a constructive and gratifying experience for our patrons. With competitive and practical solutions, our pricing schemes molded to everyone and anyone who is accustomed to a dependable and responsible organization.


California Dental Products, LLC is a family owned and operated business. Louie & Sonia Bignone decided back in the late 80s to take over an emerging and promising dental manufacturing business. During the early days, California Dental Products were fully committed to expand their name by bringing specific products to the dental clinicians and laboratory owners.
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California Dental Products Introducing Qdent
After a quick and successful introduction in Europe, Qdent is coming to America! California Dental Products is the sole distributor of Qdent semi-flexible acrylic material in the U.S. Qdent is a registered and FDA approved product that holds an outstanding...

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California Dental Products
California Dental Products is slowly but consistently renovating and updating their inventory. “We have big plans on technology, especially within the dental industry. CDP is allocating resources, and promoting collaboration among other similar or different industry dealers to expand its...

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